Growing Tomatoes is a resource guide for those wanting to learn about the tomato plant, its physiology and fruit-bearing characteristics, and what production procedures are necessary for successful growing whether in the home garden, field or greenhouse. The information presented is the result of over 40 years of:

  • My experience keeping pace with tomato research findings
  • My practical experiences gained by growing tomatoes

This range of experiences includes conducting research, attending and participating in conferences, serving as a consultant, and growing in the home garden, field and greenhouse. Methods of growing have been in soil and soilless organic media, and hydroponically.

Those in need of research information or assistance in tomato fruit production, I am available to consult as described in the Consulting and Analytical Services section of this website.

Unfortunately, much of the information found on internet websites is either out-of-date or not factually correct. Most websites parrot what has been published elsewhere, perpetuating misleading information, and not providing a complete explanation on principles that impact tomato plant physiology, and in turn determine fruit yield and quality.

This website will be kept current, updated as needed so that the information given reflects the present state of the art. Articles on tomato plant physiology and fruit production will be posted periodically.

This website provides essential information on the growing of tomatoes directed to the student, home gardener, and the beginning and professional grower.